Hydrangea Vase

Stuffed Animal

Hydrangeas have become some of the most loved flowers, and rightfully so. They are big, beautiful, and easily live as long as other flowers known for their long life. You definitely get your money's worth from these fluffy blooms!

Hydrangeas are typically available in blue, white, and green (the greens are miniature hydrangeas, so their size is easily half the size of the others). If there is a color preference, please let us know that in the "special instructions" upon checkout. We will accomodate all requests that we can, keeping in mind that we will be restricted at times.

  • All prices in USD ($)

  • A Few Hydrangeas (3-4)


  • Several Hydrangeas


  • Lots of Hydrangeas


A Few Hydrangeas (3-4) - $44.95

Several Hydrangeas - $69.95

Lots of Hydrangeas - $94.95